Creation and social training

Linguistic and cultural training





Mikael Rosengren






The word kunskapskretsloppet means knowledge cycle. Here you find a short presentation in english. Don't hesitate to contact us if you want more information or if you are just curious to know more about how we work and what we are doing right now.


What is Kunskapskretsloppet?

In Kunskapskretsloppet’s first step, children practice creation, cooperation and social skills by creating their own children’s book.


In step two, we send the children's unique book, in packages of 50, to children at schools somewhere in the world who lack finances to buy their own school books. Here, the books become the receiving children's school book. Made by children. To children. With help from an author and a project leader.


Both the sending and receiving children receive language and cultural training. Culture training by letting both the sending and receiving children answer questions about a normal day and the children’s interests. We build bridges of knowledge and friendship between children around the World.


The working model and the various components makes Kunskapskretsloppet unique. Here children help children to learn how to read and write, a prerequisite to be able to choose their own path through life. In Kunskapskretsloppet every child is a hero.


The knowledge cycle in short:

1. Children in a school class create their own children’s book

2. The books are sent to children who lack school books

3. The receiving children get a chance to create their own book

4. The books are sent to children who lack school books or back to the sending school as part of a cultural exchange.


”Kunskapskretsloppet isn't just fantastic, the books are life changing for these children.”

/Tove Rastad, volunteer at Unguja Ukuu School i Tanzania